Eco Friendly Travel

Eco Travel is a nature tour which involves travelling or visiting natural surroundings in a responsible way which helps to conserve the environment as well as supports the indigenous populations of a particular region. Eco- travel is also known as using the most sustainable and energy-efficient transportation possible.

Pathfinder Expeditions is one of the leading companies in Nepal, offering a wide range of travelling programs/itineraries in Nepal including Bhutan, Tibet, India and have been organizing eco-friendly travel throughout these destinations. Our itineraries are designed to allow our valued clients to discover the Himalayan kingdom and experience it’s diversity and introduce the fascinating cultures as well as create environmental conservation awareness among people. Comfort and safety of our clients is our top priority while at the same time, keeping concerns for the environment. We primarily focus on conservation and preservation of environmentally friendly tourism, minimizing the negative environmental impacts as well as build environmental and cultural awareness plus respect on a national scale. We provide positive experience for both visitors and hosts, offer financial benefits and empowerment for local people, raise sensitivity towards host countries’ environmental and social climate. A responsible travel also sustains the well being of the local people and further helps in environmental conservation. We offer holiday trips with deep commitments towards conservation of the environment and preservation of cultural heritage. We trust our sustainable programs will help you contribute towards environment and welfare of the locals whilst enjoying the timeless beauty of Nepal. We promote eco-travel through our adventure trekking and traveling packages. Preservation of environment including wildlife, flora and fauna is central to our philosophy. We take travelers to exotic places and often enlighten about highly endangered wildlife, in hopes of creating environmental supporters. We also believe, tourism provides an alternative means of income to the people of the regions we visit. We discourage habitat-destroying practices and replace logging. And, when not in fields, we contribute both our time and resources to organizations working in environmental protection.

We are always very cognizant towards the preservation of environment, so every travelling package we offer, focuses on the preservation of local culture, environment and other associated factors. Our company believes in a travel to such destinations where natural splendor and cultural heritage are the primary attractions. We promote eco-travel by including programs that minimize the unfavorable effects of traditional tourism on the natural environment as well as enhance the cultural integrity of local people. Therefore, in addition to evaluating environmental and cultural factors initiatives by hospitality providers to promote recycling, energy efficiency, water re-use and creation of economic opportunities for local communities are some of our objectives. Our goal is to promote and preserve the entire local ecosystem.