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Pathfinder Expeditions, a team of well-trained and experienced personnel, started this company when Nepal first became known as a trekking paradise.  Nepal is one of the gateways to the Tibetan Plateau, one of the largest and highest plateaus found on this planet.  Since its inception in 1999, Pathfinder Expeditions has organized rewarding adventures for travellers to Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and India.

Pathfinder Expeditions creates a friendly and safe trekking environment, which in turn has made us a favorite among travellers who have used our services.  We see ourselves as cultural ambassadors who open avenues of understanding into the day-to-day lives of the people who populate these regions.

In fact, customers can’t resist the temptation to come back to this part of the world and take part in the services that we offer.  Because we enjoy a high level of customer satisfaction, Pathfinder Expeditions is recognized as one of the leading trekking agencies in the country.

We are proud that not only do we provide quality services to the traveller, but also we contribute much to the local citizens as we generate awareness of local culture, customs and traditions and emphasize the importance of preserving the natural beauty of this region.  Our objective is to foster culturally appropriate awareness and environmentally sensitive travellers.  To that end, Pathfinder Expeditions is committed to the preservation of the environment, desiring to safeguard the ecological balance that is found in this breathtaking paradise.  We also feel strongly that the local people and their culture are a treasure and we strive to promote understanding between the traveller and the residents of this paradise.

Pathfinder Expeditions offers a tremendous number of activities centered in the Himalayas.  The Himalayan region is blessed by nature and provides us with a great opportunity to offer you a paradise to be explored and experienced.

We are licensed, have an association and good working relationship with a variety of governmental agencies, such as the Department of Tourism, Trekking Agency Association of Nepal,  Nepal Mountaineering Association, Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP), just to name a few.