Packing List

When packing for any trip overseas we suggest that you write yourself a list of what you need to bring and re check this list, nothing is worse than arriving in a foreign country to realize that you have forgotten your favorite pair of jeans or your most comfortable shoes! Here is a suggested list of things that you should bring along and some hints to help you with your packing.

Clothes: when packing clothes minimal is best, first check the weather conditions to help you pack accordingly. You should pack dark colored clothes or patterned clothes as they don’t show up the dirt. Also you should choose outfits that can be mixed and mPathfinder Expeditionshed so you have a variety of outfits. It’s a good idea to use space saver bags, they not only save space but help to keep your clothing dry, clean and crease free.

Bits and Bobs: some things that you might find handy on your trip -

  • Sewing kit
  • Swiss army knife
  • Laundry soap
  • Small zip lock bags for keeping soap and the like
  • Note pad/dairy
  • Pens
  • Binoculars
  • Small torch
  • Spare passport photos
  • Spare shoe laces
  • A good water bottle
  • Water purification tablets
  • A sleeping bag liner (in case your bedding is undesirable)
  • Reading material

Important stuff: when travelling of course you need your passport and relevant visa. You should also make copies of these, one to bring with you and one to leave with family or friends. Keep these separate from your passport. Other things you should have copies of are insurance policy, birth certificate, a record of bank details and traveler’s cheque details.
You should also have contact numbers for your bank and insurance company and your travel agent/ flight booking office.

Toiletries: soap, razors, shampoo, nail scissors, hair products, tooth brush and tooth paste, tissues, sun cream, chap stick, antiseptic hand wipes, face washer and what ever else you use in your daily routine, when packing these items make sure they are all sealed properly as there is nothing worse than arriving in a place and finding your favorite jumper smeared in toothpaste! Also remember when flying doesn’t pack sharp or pointy objects in your hand luggage. And ladies should note that feminine products can be difficult to buy in remote areas, so be prepared.

A good first aid kit: it should include bandages, non abrasive tape, band aids, joint supports, antiseptic cream, rehydration salts, Imodium, travel sickness pills, panadol, scissors, and a record of your allergies and current vaccinations.

Back pack: for travel in Nepal a back pack is more convenient than a suit case. If you plan on trekking, a sturdy and comfortable back pack and day pack is essential. You should have your back pack expertly fitted to you before your departure. Your back pack should also have a water proof cover.

Footwear: of course comfortable and well broken in trekking shoes are essential for Nepal, light sandals and a pair of comfortable trainers are generally enough.

Camera: what better way to record your memories than a camera? Please insure you bring along the relevant batteries/charger with an adaptor suitable for the country. Also you should bring along adequate memory cards/ film. These things are not available in trekking areas.

(Please make note that Toiletries and first aid items can be readily brought in Kathmandu.)