Equipment & Clothing

Equipment needed depends largely upon where, when and how you are trekking. The main emphasis while trekking is on keeping warm and dry while not over weighting your pack.

  • For lower altitude trekking, fleece jackets and pants are adequate,
  • While at higher altitude, down jackets are advisable.
  • Waterproof, wind-proof, jackets and pants are essential as they keep you dry and warm. In some places the wind can be very strong and cold.
  • Well broken-in footwear- when trekking you need to be comfortable and there is nothing worse than blisters. It is also recommended to bring some sandals or light trainers for wearing around camp or tea house.
  • Good quality socks, preferably woolen for your hiking boots, and also some thin cotton socks
  • Head covering are also recommended a woolen hat for the cold and a sun hat.
  • Good sleeping bag it should be light weight and rated to zero.
  • Sun glasses with UV protection and goggles for higher altitude.
  • Drinking water bottle
  • Torch or headlamp with spare batteries and bulb
  • Water purification tablets
  • Water bottles, two is best
  • Walking poles, not necessary, but recommended
  • Sturdy and well fitted back pack and day pack with water proof cover
  • Gaiters
  • Thermal under clothing i.e. Long pants and short and long sleeve
  • T-shirts, micro fleece jumper and trekking trousers they should be light and quick drying.
  • Gloves, preferably with a water proof shell
  • A good first aid kit
  • Sun block for lips
  • Sun lotion
  • Light scarf or neckerchief
  • Spare shoe laces
  • Padlock or combination lock
  • Large plastic bag for lining your back pack

Optional extras

  • Binoculars
  • Reading book
  • Trail map/guide book
  • Journal & pen
  • Walkman
  • Pencils and small notebooks
  • Travel game i.e. Chess, backgammon and scrabble

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