Foreign Travel

When travelling to a foreign country you need to do a bit of research before hand. You should consult your G.P. or travel doctor to find out if you need any pre travel vaccinations. Your doctor cans also advice you on relevant medication to take and what will be available in the country you are travelling to. You should research the climate and conditions of the country you are travelling to and pack accordingly.

It’s also important for you to be aware of the customs and religious beliefs of the local people. You should be aware of appropriate behavior and dress codes, not only is the respectful and responsible thing to do, but it could save you a lot of hassle and bother, especially for female travelers.
Also if you are carrying medicine make sure you have the relevant prescriptions from your doctor. Drug trafficking is a major offence. You should never leave your bag unattended at any shipping port. Also you should familiarize yourself with the drug laws and regulations of the country you are travelling to.

To make best your travel plans it is important for you to be aware of what to expect in the country you are travelling in. A little bit of education and knowledge goes a long way in making your holiday a successful and enjoyable affair. Pre researching your trip will take a lot of stress out of your travel.

Of course for travel you need a current passport; your passport should be valid for at least six months from the date of your departure. Trying to renew your passport overseas can be a very difficult task and in fact most countries will not issue visa in passports that are about to expire. Also you should check vise requirements for the countries you are travelling; in some cases you can not get visas on arrival. As a guideline here is some information on visa relevant to this area.

NEPAL:  To obtain a visa for Nepal is easy, a single entry visa, valid for 60 days can be issued at the airport on your arrival or, any of the border entry points with India. The cost is $US30. You should pay in us dollars and have with you two copies of your passport photo.  1 month visa extensions are available form the department of immigration in Kathmandu. They cost $us30 per month. As a tourist you can only stay in Nepal for a maxim five month period in any one year.

TIBET:  You need a Chinese visa to visit Tibet. You can obtain this visa from the embassy of the Peoples Republic of China in Kathmandu. Be aware that this could take up to one week. It is advisable to get your visa from the relevant embassy in your own country prior to your departure. Most importantly you will require an Aliens travel Permit to travel in the Tibetan autonomous region. These permits can only be obtained from a commercially licensed trekking company. The company will organize your Tibet tour and permit for you.

BHUTAN: If you do not have the relevant travel documents for Bhutan you will not even be allowed on the plane. To obtain the visa, you must send your passport details to the relevant office 15 days prior to your departure. The tour company will handle the rest of the process for you. The visa fee for Bhutan is US$200.

INDIA: All nationalities require a visa to enter India (except SAARC members). An Indian visa can be obtained in Kathmandu at the Indian embassy; it normally takes 5 working days. You can do it yourself or organize a company to do it for you. The visa costs US$70 and is valid for 90days and normally multi entry. You can also obtain the visa prior to your departure form the relevant embassy in your country. This visa must not be obtained more than six months before your arrival in India.

Most importantly, you should consult with your relevant government as to where it is safe and unsafe to travel. You should also register with your local embassy or consulate in the country you are travelling.

For most people travelling abroad especially for the first time can be a daunting affair. Don’t let you get overwhelmed, educate yourself and plan accordingly and take advantage of tailored travel plans and trips like those offered by Pathfinder Expeditions, to take all the stress and headache out of travel.