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Once in a life time opportunity

Many people come to Nepal for trekking, but one should realize that Nepal has so much more to offer than just trekking. This peaceful Himalayan kingdom can provide you with many more uplifting and spiritual experience. At Pathfinder Expeditions we have made some special packages that cover a range of other activities.

With Nepal’s stunning beauty and romantic settings, what more could you want for a honeymoon. Take advantage of peaceful and pristine surrounds while relaxing in some on Nepal’s world class resorts, maybe you could take the plunge with your partner on a sunset paraglide, who knows the opportunities are endless, we can tailor any kind of honey moon package to suit your every desire and help you kick off your life together in the best possible way With such diverse culture and ancient and traditional methods of agriculture Nepal has a lot to offer in the way of education.

Pathfinder Expeditions can arrange for village stays and tours for university groups and any other form of educational institute. This amazing country can help students to better appreciate life and to gain a life changing experience that will live and benefit with them. Also with napalms diverse wildlife and flora, and variety of cultures and religions, study packages can be made in national parks and cultural programs.

Then there is the spiritual and enlightening offer of religion. There seems something mystical about being so high up and close to the beings that inhabit the heavens. Many people come to Nepal to seek some form of enlightenment. You can stay in a retreat or Buddhist monastery, learning meditation and the workings of Buddhism, searching you soul for enlightenment and the meaning of life. Of you can spend time in peaceful and isolated retreats practicing yoga and self betterment. It’s no wonder with the aid of your breathtaking surrounds that people leave feeling changed and refresh ready to take on life in a new light.