Why Travel with Pathfinder Expeditions?

We are one of Nepal’s leading trekking agencies, providing the best quality service to visitors in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India for more than a decade.  We currently offer more than 20 trips a year that include trekking, climbing, safaris, mountaineering, rafting, sightseeing, recreation, and more. We carefully cater to the needs of our clients and are specialists at arranging tailor-made tours and treks to suit every need and desire of our valued customers. Our services meet the highest standards — our guides are all well trained and professional, our coverage extensive and our methods environmentally sensitive and culturally aware — all at the best budget price. At Pathfinder Expeditions we not only cover all the well-trod areas of Nepal and the best trekking routes, but we are always on the lookout for new areas to be explored, and new and exciting activities and other interesting events to delight our guests. High quality service and value for your dollar is our promise to ensure that your stay in the Himalayas is the most memorable experience of your life.

Nepal is a majestic country of serene mountains, peaceful valleys and rich cultural heritage. If you desire to visit the Himalayan region, untouched by modernity, travel with us — we have the perfect package for you.  We will plan your tour in any way that you desire, so that you will be able to enjoy all the exotic flora and fauna, local people, culture, and traditions of Nepal.

In addition to Nepal, we can guide you to many cultural, geographic and religious destinations in Tibet, Bhutan and India, as well.  Our company has customized tour packages to satisfy your desire to experience the land of the Himalayas and its tranquility.

Traveling with us takes you on a peaceful journey.  We will take you on a cultural ride to countries that have a clean environment, a rich natural heritage and some of the most magnificent architecture in the world.  Let us guide you through the heavenly countries of Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and India.

Friendly and Responsible Staff
All of the staff at Pathfinder Expeditions are knowledgeable about the environment of the Nepal Himalayas, from altitude sickness to local customs. Our guides have first hand experience with Nepal and the Himalayas; they are well trained in first aid and experienced in taking care of the needs of travellers.  Our office staff are all trained tourism professionals who aim to provide you with a seamless holiday in Nepal, be it trekking, adventure travel or just plain sightseeing.

We have an authorized trekking guide who has been working with us since the inception of our company.  Having grown up in the Himalayas, our guides are very familiar with every trekking destination.  They can speak English fluently and have a lot of guiding experience.  Our guides have extensive knowledge of the culture, religion, traditions, and environmental conditions; when they accompany you on excursions, they will provide you with a cultural and historical background of the sites visited.  We know that they will make your trip interesting as well as rewarding.  With their guidance, they will certainly make your trip into the Himalayas a unique unforgettable journey.

Local Leaders
A local leader can be a tremendous asset along your journey because he has extensive knowledge about the Himalayas and will assist you in reaching your targeted destination.  He will show you and teach you about the local people, about their ways of living, culture, customs, and many other things. He also can provide you with extensive information about the local area and its history. Having a knowledgeable local guide makes your trip into Nepal an experience that is “outside” the ordinary.  It’s the difference between being a tourist and a traveller.

Comfort and Safety
In order to get the most out of your holiday, we understand that your health, comfort and safety are of the utmost importance.  We take great care to assure that your accommodations meet the most suitable standards available, that your food is clean, safe, and well prepared, that you have adequate equipment and gear, and that you travel in areas that are stable and safe for tourism. We use only tourist standard transportation to ensure you arrive at your destination safely and refreshed.  When you travel with Pathfinder Expeditions, we make your safety and welfare our top priority so that you can relax and enjoy your holiday.

We have the best available support and rescue procedures and facilities, should they be needed.  A ‘Trained Professional Guide,’ who has been trained by our government, will be your escort.

We treat visitors as though they are special guests at our home.

Environmental Awareness
We are very conscious of environmental cleanliness and ecology and avoid any activities that would adversely affect the surroundings and the local people.  We want future generations to be able to continue to enjoy the marvelous wonders of nature. Primarily, we focus on environmental sanitation; during our treks we use kerosene to avoid burning firewood and we bury all biodegradable wastes.

To preserve the natural resources and conserve the environment, it is necessary to teach environmental awareness in local schools, in the community, and at homes and volunteers service centers.  In Nepal, volunteers have formed student groups to work on environmental projects, utilizing their personal expertise and addressing the needs of the village communities.  They organize various programs such as planting trees in the barren lands, providing education to the local people about the importance of preserving the environment, and teach different methods of preservation.  Other activities include promoting programs on recycling — like making a smokeless stove, building a toilet pit, informing adults and children about the hazards of inappropriate garbage disposal, building a compost bin and teaching them how to maintain it.  By offering such programs in the remote villages, the quality of life improves.

We are totally committed to the conservation of all ecosystems — both natural and urban habitats — and people’s well being.  We support and contribute to preservation of the environment, scientific investigation, and education by promoting environmental awareness among our personnel, local communities and guests through our direct participation in sustainable tourism.

Trips for Every Activity Level
At Pathfinder Expeditions, we offer all kinds of trips and treks to suit the fitness level of everyone.  We can adapt itineraries to suit your needs and abilities.  When you browse our extensive selection of treks and tours, we are sure that you will find one to suit your fitness and activity level; if not, we will personally tailor one that best suits you.  Our services cover all areas of travel in the Himalayas, so we are sure that you will find a program that is going to excite you.  We cover everything from trekking to hot air ballooning and pony rides to paragliding.  At Pathfinder Expeditions, we have all your trekking and adventure needs covered.

We want every traveler to have the freedom to choose from a variety of trekking destinations and itineraries that cross varied landscapes, snow capped peaks, and lush meadows. Some trips feature highly educational, tightly planned itineraries, while others are more loosely structured and allow ample free time to explore the destination or shop at your leisure.  We aim to offer programs that will appeal to every traveler.

Tailor Made Programs
We can “tailor make” all of our programs to accommodate your specific interests and requirements; and we offer a competitive price and unmPathfinder Expeditionshed service to individuals as well as groups.  Our ‘value for money’ service and tailor made programs are extremely popular and are a great way to ensure that you get exactly what you want from your travel experience. We have practical suggestions and exciting ideas to share with you.  If the pre-planned itineraries on our website do not suit you, we encourage you to create one of your own and contact us via e-mail with your ideas.  We can organize your holiday, starting with your arrival at the airport in Nepal and ending with your return flight home.  Just let us know your dates of travel, your chosen destinations, the classification of the hotels and the room types (double, single, etc.) and the number of people that will be traveling with you. We will then contact you and offer you our best competitive price.

Stress Free Travel
We understand that traveling can be stressful.  The last thing that you want is for tension to ruin a vacation.  At our company, we are committed to stress free travel.  When we arrange your holiday at Pathfinder Expeditions, we take every little detail into consideration. From the moment you arrive in Nepal, we are there to collect you from the bustling hordes at the airport and transfer you to the comfort of the hotel where you will be welcomed like an honored guest.  You will travel around our bustling city in the comfort of an air-conditioned vehicle, showing you the best sites, and then we will transfer you to your trekking destination with qualified guides who will take care of everything.  Our main aim at Pathfinder Expeditions is for you to sit back, relax and enjoy your holiday, while we do all the hard work and take care of all the small details (like paying entrance fees, arranging tickets, making sure that your dietary needs are satisfied, etc.) that make your trip a memorable event.

Active and Interesting
All of our programs are active and interesting, giving you a chance to explore and discover Nepal’s Himalayas, culture, amazing variety of ethnic groups, ecosystems and terrain.  Without a doubt, we will give you a tremendous holiday where you will enjoy and have great fun traveling in this natural paradise.  Pathfinder Expeditions makes your journey as interesting as possible by showing you the best sites and places in Nepal.  We combine action-packed activities and areas of interest, with knowledgeable guides who will keep you informed at every step of the way.  We are positive that when you book with us, you will have one of the most exciting trips of your lifetime.  Our guides make sure that you learn first hand about the local way of life and culture by taking you into local houses and farms.

We offer variety; we will take you to places where you’ll have a panoramic view of the Himalayas, experience the glory of spectacular snowcapped peaks, smell the rich aroma of evergreen forest, and more.  Narrow mountain paths will take you through dense forests, lush valleys and quaint villages where the natives are very friendly and often regard guests as deities.

Social work
We always give something back to the areas we are visiting.  We help local communities in whatever way we can.  We encourage community development, because we believe that, first, the community must be developed; then, the development of the nation will follow.  That is why we support several schools, school children, and a Center for Disabled Persons, plus much more.